A local nonprofit’s Fb page was hacked and it put the animal rescue’s program at risk. But , 5 On Your Side was able to reach out to Facebook, who has finally helped the particular animal rescue regain control of their page.

Reporter : Keely Arthur Photographer : Richard Adkins Posted Updated

a local animal save that lost control of its facebook page in order to a hacker has power over it again after a five year sidestepped in W. R. E. S. Keely Arthur has the rescues heartfelt. Thank you Laura Gerhard once again has control over the Friends of Rocky Mount Animals facebook web page. You don’t understand how much this means to be in May. She says hackers took over the page, cutting off the major source of fundraising for the rescue. Gerhardt also says the hacker started collecting adoption fees for dogs that weren’t really available. Five on your side, worked for nearly two weeks to get her control of the particular page back. Gerhardt posted this thanking five on your side for getting the page back again and there are some steps you can take right now in order to prevent this from happening to a person, mainly get two factor authentication and logging alerts. If your pages hacked though, you want to go to fb dot com slash hacked keely Arthur five in your favor.

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