Heading into 2023, the Grimes County Pet Rescue is nearing use of their new facility, but just a small hiccup remains.

Presenting an amendment in the renewal of their lease agreement at the most recent Commissioner’s Court meeting was Commissioner David Dobyanski, who says they are still searching for an official opening day.

“We have not set that yet because we are usually waiting on electricity from Entergy Texas, hopefully we get that will in the next few weeks, ” said Dobyanski.

Dobyanski also had one other amendment included in their updated lease agreement.

“They will be allowed to use the Fairgrounds one day, annually, to have a fundraiser for the operation of the animal shelter. Many other organizations have that same privilege…we are providing a service in order to the whole county, so , we are usually asking for that, ” Dobyanski said.

Commissioners unanimously approved the modification to the rent agreement with the pet rescue.

Dobyanski did not mention the potential time frame for when their opening would be.

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