EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) — A special delivery for dogs and cats within the Effingham County Animal Shelter today.

A new group of animal advocates based in the county wanted to make sure our four legged friends are not forgotten this holiday.

A feast fit for fido and… Fanta!

Guardians associated with Effingham Animal Rescue prepared a traditional Thanksgiving holiday meal with regard to the forgotten during this particular time of year.

Nikita Dave began this rescue group a few months ago to help fill the particular gap.

“We would like to think that one additional save group in this area, we can minimize the daily problems in the recovery world, ” said Dave.

All of these volunteers have many rescues of their own.

“I have 4 dogs, 1 a rescue from Renegade (Paws) and then three pits associated with my own that we rescued and adopted. You have do it for them especially when no one else will. You have in order to make time, ” said Tabitha Moyak, a Guardians of Effingham volunteer.

Along with advocating for these shelter animals, one of Guardians’ main goals is to help keep pets with their current parents. They recently helped a woman who couldn’t afford medicine for her sick 12 year old dog.

“It was an elderly lady who had one of those sweet little chihuahuas that loves sitting in their mom’s laps. The dog had a severe infection, and we helped fundraise for the treatment; the dog had to be hospitalized and some expensive medication to cure what was going on, ” said Bonnie McIver, a Guardians of Effingham volunteer.

The particular group knows some of the shelter pups are on borrowed time like Meegan who’s been here for 212 days.

“I wanted to do something that I’d do with regard to my animals because these animals don’t get to see that will everyday. These people do a great job taking care of them, but I wanted in order to something special, to make a difference in their life, for a day, ” said Dave.

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