Helen is a friendly and well-mannered female dog.
Helen is a friendly and well-mannered female dog.

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Cassie Kowalchuk opened One Step Closer Animal Rescue (OSCAR) in 2010 with the help of two other volunteers in 2010. Kill shelters are the reason behind the volunteer’s motivation to save animals.

Oftentimes, animals are put down in kill shelters to make space. This is, for many who love animals, a brutal reality.

“A lot of times, they’re just literally given no more time just because they’re so full. It’s not the fact that there’s a bite history. There’s nothing wrong with the animals. Unfortunately, they have no more time, ” Kowalchuk said.

This inspired her to take action.

The rescue, based out of Sparta, was originally foster based until they opened up a shelter six years ago. This particular has allowed Kowalchuk and the rest associated with the volunteer base to make sure the rescues stay for as long as they need.

“It’s funny, ” said Kowalchuk, “one of the dogs was there for four years, the girl name is Matilda. I actually ended up adopting her as soon as my two dogs passed, ” Kowalchuk shared. “Matilda wasn’t great with other dogs. She had a few little quirks, which made her not as desirable, and she just sat for a while. She was a pit mix too, and sometimes that deters people. ”

However , rescuing animals will be nothing new for Kowalchuk. She’s been doing this work for about 20 years. And when the girl isn’t saving, she works a full-time job.

The girl emphasizes that rescue work is born out of the particular love volunteers have for the animals. Volunteers make up most of OSCAR’s impact-driven workforce. Anyone can offer their period at OSCAR regardless of ability. Kowalchuk stated she plus her team have a variety of needs from paperwork to animal care.

The particular volunteer president often meets prospective volunteers after discussions at public schools on animal rescue and safety. Although, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic Kowalchuk adapted to virtual public speaking. Pre-pandemic, she’d usually go to schools and some other public spaces to talk in person about what rescues do along with animal security and care.

Education is usually an important part of Kowalchuk’s animal save discussions.

After her talks, she brings in the rescues to meet the audience, often youth with their teachers and families.

“They’d be able to come up plus meet the particular animals. And we’d tell them about the animals’ specific stories so that they felt a connection, ” Kowalchuk said. “Afterwards we always get families reaching away either regarding adopting or about volunteering and that their child was touched by that. You never know the impact you have on a kid or a family or even an animal. So you just have to, like, keep trying every avenue in order to try to be able to make that impact happen. ”

The ultimate mission of OSCAR is for you to make sure that their own rescue animals are one step closer to their particular forever home with loving people. To volunteer, donate, or learn about adoption applications: OSCARAnimalRescue. org.

River is a sweet friendly dog
River is really a sweet friendly dog


River is a sweet pleasant boy. He gets along with people and some dogs. It’s unknown what he thinks of cats. River simply wants to walk, to run in the yard, and to help be petted. Once he gets his zoomies out he merely wants pets. River has become the favorite of one associated with OSCAR’s dog walkers. When he goes home we know to be both happy and sad. A home with older children is preferred due to his size. River is about 7 years old and 77 pounds. Please help River find the caring home this individual deserves.

From River’s canine walker in order to OSCAR: “My main man, River. This individual has been at the particular shelter since July 2020. Honestly, he is basically a cat. He does his own thing and will let you know when he or she wants attention. If a person, or anyone you know, are looking for an extra adorable heartbeat within the house, he is your man. He or she loves typically the ladies. I mean a real ladies’ guy. I could talk about him for days. Come meet him plus I can tell you more! ”

Helen is a friendly and well-mannered female dog.
Helen is a new friendly in addition to well-mannered female dog.


Helen will be a friendly and well-mannered girl. She loves to be able to play and even knows a few basic commands. She is also housebroken. Helen loves individuals and kids, but she is not a fan regarding cats and is picky as to what dogs she will befriend. Sue is about 52 pounds and 3 years aged.

OSCARAnimalRescue. org

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