Paw Works Animal Rescue in Camarillo has found a new home after receiving a notice in June to vacate its current facility.

“We really relied on our community in the last month or two, and they’ve really come through on that end, ” Foot Works co-founder Chad Atkins said.

Before Paw Functions can move in, the 9, 800 square-foot property in unincorporated Ventura County near Camarillo will need to be hooked up in order to electricity, water and sewer. Atkins said utilities will be installed before Paw Works moves in during the first week of November.  

In a series of Instagram posts in late August, the nonprofit announced it would no longer accept dogs and cats because this had been given 60 days to leave its facility upon Pleasant Valley Road.  

Landlord Eric Michaelson stated at the particular time he had asked Foot Works and one other tenant to leave so a long-term renter could expand his business.  

At the time, Paw Works was scrambling to find a brand new location because the animals in its care would have to be transferred to Ventura Region Animal Services, foster homes or their previous shelters.  

Paw Works typically houses 75 and 125 dogs and cats a day and rescues animals from high-kill facilities throughout California.   Thanks to a slew of adoptions and foster home applicants, Paw Works has about 53 animals, down through over 100 six weeks ago, Atkins diet said.

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Rent at the new facility, which is located in an unincorporated area of Ventura State, is $6, 000 a month, or twice its  present rent. However , a donor has offered to pay half the rent for the particular first year, Atkins said.  

The new service needs regarding $500, 000 in renovations and will be done in phases.

In phase one, which needs to be completed in November, the general population and outdoor areas will be set up along with a good office plus indoor enrichment room. The particular phase is expected in order to cost about $170, 500.

The intake  area where new animals are received, washed, vaccinated and quarantined will come in phase two. A nursery for puppies and kittens will also be built. Atkins estimated  stage two to cost about $100, 000 to $120, 000.  

In phase three, Foot Works will certainly install a low-cost clinic that will provide spay plus neuter surgeries to the animals and those at other shelters. The services will also be available to low-income individuals, Atkins mentioned.   Phase three will cost about $200, 000.  

Paw Functions will progress to each phase as it raises money. To donate, visit  pawworks. org .  

“We are definitely relying on our local community to help make this happen, ” Atkins said.

He declined to share the particular new facility’s exact location until Paw Works can install a  security system and take other precautions to deter break-ins but said it’s a five- in order to 10-minute drive from its current site.

In 06, a 3-year-old rescue dog named Pretty Girl was stolen from the shelter. The dog was found with severe injuries alongside Highway 101 in the Newbury Park area and later died at the Foot Works Veterinary Hospital within Thousand Oaks.

On Wednesday, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office announced an arrest had been made in relation to the break-in. Investigators believe the same person arrested in the particular June break-in also made an attempt inside September.  

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