WILMINGTON, N. C. (WECT) — Dobby, who is approximately 4 years old, is available for adoption from Independence Bridge Pet Rescue.

Although shy, Dobby is a very sweet dog who was rescued from a hoarding situation, per her handlers.

At a young age, it is believed that she was hit by the vehicle, likely creating a neurological issue that has affected Dobby’s gait. Additionally, she will need to wear doggie diapers due to incontinence.

Dobby is heartworm positive and will need injections as well.

FBAR stated that will the neurological issue may be able to be fixed. Her new owners will need to visit a vet in order to determine this.

According to the FBAR website, the particular rescue will cover all costs related in order to Dobby’s health.

As Dobby is slow to trust humans, having another dog in the home is preferred. She gets along with cats and will need limited exercise. Those taking care of Dobby stated that she is not very active.

Those interested in adopting Dobby can inquire about her by sending an email to [email protected] com . Additionally , interested individuals can visit the Freedom Bridge Animal Rescue website .

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