Karma wandered the streets as a lost and lonely stray before she arrived at the Harris County Animal Shelter. The 12-week-old Shih Tzu’s hair was so matted the girl looked twice her size. After Friends of Faye took over, Karma got the haircut plus the transformation from scared, shaking run away to confident beauty queen was incredible.

“I assume she literally was never groomed, ever, ” Andi Leone, Karma’s foster mom with Buddies of Faye, told The particular Dodo. “She was so matted, we weren’t sure what condition her eyes would be in once shaved. She still has some skin sensitivity [from it]. ”

Since her much-needed grooming appointment , Karma’s coming out of her shell. She’s no longer a stray with no one to care for her.

“She’s a fun, feisty little girl, ” Leone said. “She loves to play fetch and cuddle up in her kennel for quiet time. She absolutely loves children and … she offers a great, playful attitude. ”

Now, Karma’s haircut matches her spunky personality, and everyone can look into those big puppy-dog eyes plus melt just as Leone did.

“She’s an excellent, easy girl who gets along with everyone, ” Leone said. “But she’s still very much a puppy. ”

Karma is now ready to start looking for her forever home, but her foster mom knows the right fit is sure to come soon.

“She gets along with the particular other 11 dogs in our home, and the lady absolutely adores our 8-year-old, ” Leone said. “Her favorite things are kids, treats and squeaky toys. She has been such a delight. ”

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