Weekend storm causes damage at Morgan Hill animal rescue center

Weekend break storm leads to damage in Morgan Slope animal save center 01: 59

MORGAN HILL — The Alma Bonita Animal Rescue was still a muddy mess two days after Saturday’s powerful surprise barreled through the mountains outside Morgan Hill.

“We had panels flying off the corrugated metal roofs. And then we had one of our enclosures completely collapse on a goat, ” says Alma Bonita Owner Sheila Murphy.

The storm downed trees and ripped up several enclosures used to protect the animals from night. Alma Bonita is home to 87 animals. Most are rescues; all are beloved.

“Dogs plus cats are typically able in order to be tended to in local shelters, but large farm creatures aren’t. So , we filled that need, ” she said.

While caring for the particular animals is a labor of love, it will be not cheap. So, the owners were on the salvage mission to see how many of the enclosures could spared and repaired, hoping to save  themselves the expense of buying new ones.

“We’re a non-profit. We try to save every dime we can. Rebuilding it — even if it’s not perfectly square — serves its purpose for the evening, ” states Sheila’s father Joseph Freimuth who pitched in order to make repairs.  

And while the particular rain has been much needed, it is also the reminder of Mother Nature’s power when unleashed. The particular owners associated with Alma Bonita say the break between the storms is giving them time dry out and clean up at least some of the harm that’s been done.

“We are usually in mountain lion territory. So, all of us always have to make sure they have a safe enclosure to sleep in and not be exposed to the particular mountain lion. We also need to keep really close tabs on the weather, ” Andrea said.

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