WWE is the single largest international professional wrestling business on the planet. It produces its own TV shows and events, which are aired in major arenas worldwide.

The company’s branded wrestlers have become world-famous for their incredible physical prowess and high-octane matches. Fans can watch them on Smackdown and Raw, which are both available on a variety of platforms.

Tag Teams

The WWE has a long history of tag team wrestling, and it’s one of the most fun divisions to watch. Adding multiple people to the mix opens up the world of double-team moves and finishers, plus it makes it easier to tell classic stories of friendship and betrayal.

Wrestlers also have a lot of creative control when it comes to their storylines, so they can create believable characters with various personality traits. For example, The Rock can be brash and charismatic; Brock Lesnar can be gruff and respectful; John Cena can be sarcastic and political correct; Kane can be unpredictable and sadistic; Undertaker can be scary and aggressive.

Reality and comedy

In recent years, WWE has started to experiment with real-life elements in its promos. This is known as a “shoot” promo. It’s often used by The Miz, Enzo Amore or other wrestlers to add a bit of reality to their storylines.

These kinds of things aren’t always easy to get right, but they can add a unique dimension to a wrestling match. For example, when John Cena and Roman Reigns worked together, they brought in a lot of real-life elements to make their program more authentic.