Wrestling News

ByThe Lost

Jan 31, 2023

Wrestling News

Wrestling News is a daily roundup of news and updates from the world of pro wrestling. Featuring interviews with wrestling stars, articles about upcoming events, and more.

The news section features stories about wrestling’s top stars, their rivals and the biggest surprises from around the wrestling world. It also includes the latest in rumors and scuffles.

Diamond Dallas Page, aka DDP, is one of the most popular and hard-working wrestlers in WWE history. He is also known for his workout videos and fitness apps.

Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling has signed a deal with The Biggest Loser creator Dave Broome to executive produce new matches as well as unscripted programming for the show, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

During the mid to late 1990s, pro wrestling consolidated into two large organizations–WWE and WCW. This created a lot of pressure for writers to come up with new storylines, characters and backstage vignettes for the shows.

As a writer, you were always trying to do something different from other wrestling shows–to create something that was unique to the sport, but also something that would be relevant to what was going on in culture. And that became more and more of a challenge as the years went by.

For most of his career, Brian Gewirtz was the head writer at WWE. He was one of the most respected dramatists in the industry, whose reams of writing helped to shape the culture of the company and define how wrestling is portrayed on television. Now, he’s written an endearing memoir, There’s Just One Problem: A Memoir of a Writer’s Life in Professional Wrestling.